WATER x FUTURE – Presented by Aquaporin

What does it mean to be a listed company?

June 29, 2022 Aquaporin Season 1 Episode 14
WATER x FUTURE – Presented by Aquaporin
What does it mean to be a listed company?
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June 28 2022 marked Aquaporin’s one-year anniversary as a listed company on the NASDAQ Copenhagen stock exchange. But what does it actually mean to be a listed company? Get the answer from three different perspectives, namely Aquaporin CEO Matt Boczkowski, CFO Klaus Juhl Wulff, and Chairperson of the Board Niels Heering. Together, they give a fascinating and personal insight into Aquaporin’s listing; the many years of hard work ahead of ringing the bell on the big day, and the wins and challenges during the first year.

Heering looks back on the past six years where he’s been part of Aquaporin and explains why it takes years to prepare a company for a listing, how he has contributed to the process and continues to support Aquaporin as Chairperson of the Board, and how being listed makes a difference for all people involved. 

Boczkowski wasn’t aware of Aquaporin’s plans when he joined the company a few months before the listing. Regardless of this, he had – and still has – a strong belief that Aquaporin’s potential is almost infinite. As he explains why, he also dives into Aquaporin’s commercial journey towards becoming a market leader in its field.

Having only been with Aquaporin for a month, Wulff gives an insight into his new role and his thoughts about being CFO of a listed company. 

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Intro to WATER x FUTURE podcast series
Intro to episode 14: "What does it mean to be a listed company?"
Welcome to Niels Heering, Chairperson of the Board, Aquaporin
Can you take us through the day the listing. What happened?
Why have you taken on the role as Chairperson at Aquaporin?
Can you describe Aquaporins journey?
How do you as a chairperson support Aquaporin on this journey?
Has there been any challenges for you as a chairperson?
Has it changed anything that Aquaporin is now a listed company?
How does the future look for Aquaporin as a listed company?
Welcome to Matt Boczkowski, CEO, Aquaporin
Will you introduce yourself?
What was your personal motivation to join Aquaporin just as they were getting listed?
You had to move from Paris to Denmark. How was that?
Describe how it was to ring the bell at NASDAQ.
What has happened since last year?
What do you mean by Aquaporins potential is almost infinte?
Can you talk a little bit about the strategy to ensure Aquaporin will be one of the worlds leading water technology companies?
What do you think Aquaporin is heading towards?
What are you looking forward to the most?
Welcome to Klaus Juhl Wulff, CFO, Aquaporin
Can you introduce yourself?
What thoughts did you have about Aquaporin when you joined?
What will your role be at Aquaporin now that it is a listed company?
What does it mean for a company like Aquaporin to be listed?
How does it affect your work that Aquaporin is now a listed company?
What are you looking forward to the most?
Outro and intro to the next episode