WATER x FUTURE – Presented by Aquaporin

What is open innovation?

January 26, 2022 Aquaporin Season 1 Episode 9
WATER x FUTURE – Presented by Aquaporin
What is open innovation?
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Join our CIO Peter Holme Jensen and Science City Lyngby CEO Marianna Lubanski for a talk about the trending concept of open innovation, how Aquaporin uses open innovation as a foundation for development, and why it’s important to keep on innovating. 

Marianna Lubanski explains how to succeed in developing an innovation district, and why public-private partnerships are so important. 

Peter Holme Jensen describes how open innovation has been a cornerstone of Aquaporin from the very beginning and a way to integrate circular thinking through the initiatives Aquaporin Academy, Aquaporin Garage, and Primer. 

Learn more about Aquaporin Academy here: https://aquaporin.com/company/academy/

Learn more about Aquaporin Garage here: https://aquaporin.com/company/garage/

Learn more about Primer here: https://aquaporin.com/company/primer/

Intro to WATER x FUTURE podcast series
Intro to episode 9: "What is open innovation?"
Welcome to Marianna Lubanski, CEO, Science City Lyngby
Can you introduce yourself?
What is Science City Lyngby?
What is your personal motivation for working at Science City Lyngby?
What kind of challenges are you working with at Science City Lyngby?
Do you also work with water and water treatment at Science City Lyngby?
Why is open innovation important to Science City Lyngby?
Welcome to Peter Holme Jensen, CIO, Aquaporin
What will you do in your new role as CIO?
What do you look most forward to in your new role as CIO?
Can you give us some examples of open innovation when it comes to developing new ways to get clean water?
What are Aquaporin's new year resolutions, and what role does open innovation play in the realization of them?
Outro and intro to next episode