WATER x FUTURE – Presented by Aquaporin

Water in space

December 29, 2021 Aquaporin Season 1 Episode 8
WATER x FUTURE – Presented by Aquaporin
Water in space
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Join the CEO of the Danish Aerospace Company and our VP of Technology on a trip into space, as they discuss groundbreaking space technologies, collaborating with NASA, Aquaporin’s Space Alliance, and why it’s essential to be able to reuse what you have in space.

Learn more about Aquaporin Space Alliance here: https://aquaporin.com/company/asa/

Can’t get enough of space technologies? Tune in to the 50th episode of the podcast Discovery Matters which will air in February to explore biotech’s instrumental role in realizing the vision of sustained life in space: https://www.cytivalifesciences.com/podcast

Intro to WATER x FUTURE podcast series
Intro to episode 8: "Water in space"
Welcome to Jörg Vogel, VP Open Innovation, Aquaporin
What is Aquaporin Space Alliance and what is your role?
Why did Aquaporin decide to venture into space?
Why was NASA interested in collaborating with Aquaporin? What kind of problem can Aquaporin help NASA solve in space?
Why is it so crucial to develop water solutions for space missions?
How far are you in the development of the water filtration filter for space missions?
Was it possible for the astronaut Andreas Mogensen to drink his own pee in space?
What does the collaboration with NASA mean for Aquaporin Space Alliance?
What are the expectations of water reuse at ISS in the future?
Welcome to Thomas A. E. Andersen, CEO, Danish Aerospace Company
Can you start by introducing yourself and the Danish Aerospace Company?
Why has the Danish Aerospace Company started a collaboration with Aquaporin?
How big a problem is it to get clean water in space?
What role did the Danish Aerospace Company and Aquaporin play when Andreas Mogensen travelled into space?
Since the space mission in 2015, what have you been working on together with Aquaporin?
What is the goal of the collaboration between the Danish Areospace Company and Aquaporin?
When is the next space mission?
Who will be the astronaut on the next space mission?
Can you give some examples of other important technologies to realize space missions to Mars?
Can these space technologies also be used on Earth?
Outro and intro to next episode