WATER x FUTURE – Presented by Aquaporin

How will emerging technologies reshape the F&B industry?

July 27, 2022 Aquaporin Season 1 Episode 15
WATER x FUTURE – Presented by Aquaporin
How will emerging technologies reshape the F&B industry?
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The food and beverage industry is constantly changing and adjusting to new trends. One of the most prominent trends in the last couple of years is the 'clean label' trend that allows consumers to avoid E-numbers in their food and drinks.

But what are the new and innovative technologies that will change the industry? Today's consumer is more health-conscious and wants products produced sustainably. In this episode of WATER x FUTURE Yunfeng Li, the commercial director of Food and Beverage at Aquaporin, gives insights into Aquaporin's Natural Concentration Technology and how it helps businesses concentrate products.

The podcast also visits the Copenhagen-based Kaffe Bueno, a place unlike no other. The startup company was founded back in 2016 and is known for applying biotechnology to the coffee market. The company transforms coffee byproducts into ingredients used in the food industry, nutraceuticals, and cosmetics business, to name a few.

Noomi Mikkelsen is the marketing coordinator of Kaffe Bueno, and she tells the exciting story behind the company and how three friends from Columbia who have studied together in London ended up doing a startup in Copenhagen.

You can learn more about Aquaporin Inside® Natural Concentration Technology here 

Intro to podcast episode
The Clean Label trend in the Food & Beverage industry, what is it?
Concentrating Food & Beverage products with forward osmosis reduces energy consumption
Explaination of forward osmosis
The sustainable angle to Natural Concentration Technology
Global focus on sustainability has motivated companies to innovate their processes and supply chain to reduce CO2 emission
The environmental impact of not managing the coffee bi-product sustainably and what the bi-product can be used for, explained by Kaffe Bueno
Kaffe Bueno uses coffee bi-product to produce ingredients for health and well-being businesses
The products Kaffe Buono is producing based on the coffee bi-product