WATER x FUTURE – Presented by Aquaporin

Can cathedral thinking solve climate change?

March 02, 2022 Aquaporin Season 1 Episode 10
WATER x FUTURE – Presented by Aquaporin
Can cathedral thinking solve climate change?
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Sustainability Scientist Kimberly Nicholas and Aquaporin CEO Matt Boczkowski explore the concept of cathedral thinking which at its core is to innovate and develop solutions for the sake of future generations. 

Nicholas emphasizes that climate stabilization is our generation’s cathedral to build and how critical this moment and our ability to rethink what is humanly possible are to solve climate change.

Boczkowski highlights the many parallels there are between water and climate, as he uncovers how Aquaporin started with the notion of cathedral thinking which is now the driver of the company’s culture and long-term goals. 

Curious to learn more about how to survive climate change? Anthony Day has got you covered in his podcast "The Sustainable Futures Report". Tune in at: https://sustainablefutures.report/ 

Intro to WATER x FUTURE podcast series
Intro to episode 10: "Can cathedral thinking solve climate change?"
Welcome to Kimberly Nicholas, Sustainability Scientist, Lund University
Can you introduce yourself and your work?
Can you give a short introduction to your book "Under the Sky We Make"?
Reading from chapter on cathedral thinking in "Under the Sky We Make"
What can cathedral thinking contribute with in regards to solving climate change?
Are you alone with the idea of using cathedral thinking to solve climate change?
Does the long-term perspective make it difficult for us to build a cathedral to solve climate change?
Could you talk about the access to clean drinking water in the future?
Welcome to Matt Boczkowski, CEO, Aquaporin
Can you introduce yourself?
What does cathedral thinking mean to you and how do you integrate it into the decisions you have to make as CEO?
How do we know what problems people in the future will have?
How do you work with cathedral thinking?
Is securing clean water Aquaporin's cathedral?
Is it frustrating to work with long-term goals?
Outro and intro to next episode